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Pro-Tec Athletics

IT Band Compression Wrap (Small - Large) - Black

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General Application: 

  • EVA foam pad places targeted compression directly on IT Band to reduce rubbing and irritation on the femoral condyle (outside of knee)
  • Commonly used to treat Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)
  • To be worn during activity to reduce strain to the outside of the knee

Sizing Chart:

Measure the circumference 3" above the top of the patella.

Size Small - Large: Up to 19"


  • EVA Compression Pad: Applies targeted compression to the illiotbial band to help reduce strain on the area of injury. 
  • Interior Velcro Attachment: Inner velcro square aids in applying the proper level of compression to the illiotibial band. User attaches the inner velcro, before stretching wrap and attaching the final velcro strip.
  • On the Go: The IT Band Compression Wrap is designed to be worn while you are walking or running to alleviate pain while being active. 
  • Anti-Slip Backing: Textured gripping allows for the strap to stay in place while running.

How It Works

Color: Black