All Day Comfort From Hoka!
Long-distance running shoes are literally made to take a pounding mile after mile. And Hoka ONE ONE is a leader in offering the highest level of cushion and comfort. So it's no wonder that so many medical professionals who are on their feet all day turn to them. We're here to help you get into the right pair for your specific feet and needs. Read on for more info!

Hoka ONE ONE Highlight: Clifton 7

The shoe that arguably put Hoka on the map, the Clifton is back with its seventh version. This award-winning and best-loved shoes combines ultra plush cushion with lightweight materials to make a day on your feet (or miles on the road) a breeze. The last thing you'll worry about is foot pain or fatigue!

Why running shoes? And why Gazelle Sports?

There are a lot of reasons why running shoes are perfect for those who spend most of the day on their feet. We've explored some common myths about footwear, and running shoes specifically, below to help explain why your next work shoes should be running shoes. And Gazelle Sports is your local running store with the expert staff to get you in the right shoe! We offer FREE shoe fittings (in-store and virtually) and a Moving Matters Guarantee, so you can bet these are going to be your new favorite shoes to wear for a day of work and beyond!

Myth #1:
That Nordstrom Rack (or other discount) shoe will work just fine

There’s a reason that you’ll pay more for a quality running shoe, and it’s not just good marketing. The technologies that go into premium running shoes are not the same ones you’ll find in the bargain shoes. From the cushioning material, to the shoe last (which affects the overall shape and fit of the shoe) to the upper and sock liner, there’s a whole lot that goes into the shoes you’ll lace up run after run (or day after day on the job). The best technologies start at the top and slowly trickle down, so to ensure you have something that will be amazing for your feet, you have to invest a little more money.

Myth #2:
What works for your friend/co-worker will also work for you

People who have found a shoe that works for them are often devoted fans of that shoe. If you have any of these people as your friends, I’m sure they’ve waxed poetic on the virtues of their shoe above all others. They’ll probably try to convince you that their shoe or their brand of shoe is the right one for you. The thing is, we all have vastly different things going on with the shape and function of our feet, not to mention our gaits when running or walking. Different body types in general will also change what type of shoe you should be in. The best way to figure out the right shoe for you is to come into your local Gazelle Sports for a FREE shoe fitting. We’ll take a look at your feet and gait, talk through your activities and goals and find a shoe that will be perfect for you.

Myth #3:
What worked for you five (or ten or even two) years ago is still good for you

Reference Myth #2 with the person with the fervent dedication to their perfect shoe. Sometimes the shoe you started in and loved will continue to work for you. But there are a lot of variables that will be constantly changing that might make a different shoe or shoes even better options. Changes in your weight, the amount of time spent on your feet, and even just that thing none of us can escape called aging can drastically change what shoe might work best for you. For that reason, it’s a good idea to come see us and have us re-evaluate you every so often. Did we mention our shoe fittings are free? And come with our Moving Matters Guarantee?

Moving Matters Guarantee
We want you to be 100% satisfied with every purchase, every time. Take 30 days to get out there and get moving. Run, sweat, play, asana. If it’s not making moving better and easier, we’ll make it right.

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