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Forerunner 265

Whitestone/Tidal Blue | 010-02810-01
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GPS Running Watch
Color Whitestone/Tidal Blue
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Race widget training
Personalized daily suggested workouts
Training readiness score - and more!


What if your next race was the performance of a lifetime? And personalized daily suggested workouts helped you do something you've never done? With the Forerunner 265 Smartwatch, You'll see every insight lit up on a colorful amoled touchscreen display. Get ready to be better for it. 


  • Receive an overview of your sleep and training outlook as soon as you wake up — alongside HRV status and weather. You can even customize your report to show you what you want to see.
  • Get ready for your next race — whether it’s a 10K or marathon — with training tips, personalized daily suggested workouts and completion time predictions based on course details, weather and performance.
  • Getworkouts made for you. They adapt after every run to match your performance and recovery and take into account the races coming up in yourGarmin Connect™ calendar.
  • From the moment you wake up, get areadiness scorebased on your sleep quality, recovery, training load and more, so you can determine whether it’s a good day to go hard — or take it easy.
  • Usingindicatorssuch as HRV status, your recent exercise history and performance, get an easy insight into your overall effort — and whether you’re training productively, peaking or strained.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your overall health, training and recovery throughheart rate variabilitywhile you sleep, based on technology developed by our Firstbeat Analytics™team.